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 Futur update 16/05/2013

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PostSubject: Futur update 16/05/2013   Thu 16 May - 3:26

[100%/-------[Flashlight Entity]
If you pick up a flashlight, a new small bar on the HUD appare, you need to find batteries for recharging. You can
rid you in Zmod menu, table "Tools". No flashlight. No light.
[100%/-------[Battery for Flashlight]
[100%/-------[The spawn item is corrected. The item does not appear Crafte wherever you look. But forwardyou]
[100%/-------[Tools zhammer, can be used --> meleeweapon (consume 10% stamina)]
[100%/-------[Tools Axe, For the wood crafter --> meleeweapon (consume 15% stamina) ]
[100%/-------[spawn protection]
[100%/-------[You can Craft wood just with axe.]
[100%/-------[Can fix fense with hammer(PROGRESS look screenshoot)]
[100%/-------[3D Voice Chat Sound]
[100%/-------[Distance Voice Chat Mute]
[100%/-------[Underwater. Stamina decreases. Followed by health. And death]
[100%/-------[If thirst or hunger, falls to zero. The Health gradually decreases]
[100%/-------[PRESS F4 = Skill Menu, loggers, sprint, stamina, strength, Manufacturer barricade, Firearms Handling, melee abilites]
[100%/-------[New melee weapon]
[100%/------[Scoreboard of Zmod]
[100%/------[Admin Function]
[100%/------[Admin Menu 100% compatible with Zmod. With F3]
[100%/------[CLASS MENU]
[100%/-------[Remove "Zoom suit" to drop backpack, and add Icon backpack clicable to drop in Zmod Menu]
[100%/-------[replace the old system wearing backpack, 100%optimized]
[100%/-------[Hide crosshair]
[100%/-------[remove USE+LEFT click to holster weapons]
[100%/-------[Fix alot problem with Weapon]
[100%/-------[THE END OF GRAVGUN!! Replace Gravgun by Hand]
[100%/-------[Remove old system by Newsystem to (hold item, use, equip, store)]
[100%/-------[Zmod Map Flatgrass PVP]
[100%/-------[Fix error lua]
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Futur update 16/05/2013
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