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 Help me with the Area Restrictor Script

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PostSubject: Job Whitelist   Wed 9 Aug - 18:41

Job whitelist error

There is an error with my job whitelist

I have redownloaded it from the gmod store and it repeatedly says

You did not admin when you joined the server. You are missing information. Please reconnect. Thank you

Thing is with ^^ I have been superadmin for 3 months

now when I use
This is not the right command, Nordahl. ^^

Also the entire whitelist system has disabled its self and I don't know how to repair it.

Also I don't want to touch the code as the script may become invalid

Any help?

Thanks Rexus Staff team!
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PostSubject: Help me with the Area Restrictor Script   Tue 22 Aug - 10:27

i want to add a player as master so that they can give temp access. I tried it, and they are unable to access the temp menu. I also tried myself by demoting myself and i too cant access it. it just says i must be in an area to access the menu yet IM standing right in the middle of the area. I don't want to put every rank in the config as admin access as that would allow the cubes to be visible. Please help?


i wouldn't mind it so much if you added a hide cubes option to the script, like your spawn points one has. Then i could hide the cubes so that admins cant see them and still have temp menus working properly. I have simple prop protection and could simply restrict the entities. That would be a quick temp fix to the problem until you can fix the code for the master temp user.
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PostSubject: Re: Help me with the Area Restrictor Script   Tue 22 Aug - 11:54

Hello Legend I send you a friend invitation on steam. Most of the time people reverse the roles between the system of blacklist and whitelist.
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Help me with the Area Restrictor Script
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