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 Progress Update 16.2a

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PostSubject: Progress Update 16.2a   Tue 3 Feb - 23:25

[100%]Fixed Can not select the survivors unlocked with the mini-game points virus. Reported by Billy
[100%]Fix the white rectangle in the left corner of the screen. Generated by the tool map customization. Reported by Billy Spooky and Popkill.
[100%]Fix Icone of Chat when player is not visible.
[100%]Fix: Cannot scavenge an object when a zombie is killed nearby. Reported by Billy Spooky and Popkill.
[100%]The time indicated by the watch is refreshed in real time from the inventory. No need to close the inventory and open it to display the updated hour.
[100%]Set a real position, EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH. on the maps according to the axis of construction of the map. The sun rises now to EST and ends to the WEST.
[100%]Optimizing Rain Script. (runs 30% faster than the old script)
[100%]Optimizing  Inventory Script
[100%]Winter system.
[100%]Create logo of weather for the Owners option.
[100%]Owner can controle the time of the server.
[100%]All watches the players on the server are synchronized with the change of hours operated by the owner.
[100%]Fixed Slot locked in craft menu when you insert an incompatible item.
[100%]Temperature bar.
[100%]Create snow for Winter.
[100%]Add snow in the new weather system.
[100%]Improve system of weather.
[100%]Synchronized the global hours of the servers with position of sun in the sky.
[100%]Synchronized days and month of the servers.
[100%]Cycle of year based on 365 day in game
[100%]Cycle of Saisons
[100%]Fixed Sensitive trigger when you go out a weapon. Therefore the problem. You lose a weapon and noise attracts zombies.
[100%]The watch now shows the days and months.
[100%]10 Weather Conditions.
[100%]Possibility for the Owner to disable the synchronization by unchecking the box.
[100%]System with effect typewriter informing the day, date, season, year, and time in the Zworld Universe. When creating a new survivor.
[100%]Optimizing the script(New script) cycle of day. The script is very old. He has two years and certainly to be redone, optimization+improvement can be done. New system save a lot of resource. BandWich + CPU
[100%]Inventory Improvement
[100%]Synchronized Weather on all server.
[100%]Owner can controle the weather.
[100%]System of trading with panel between players.
[100%]System in-game to add a player to your friends list in steam.
[100%]Possibility to drink in the metalbuckets without need flask or bottle.
[100%]Possibility to drink in the water tank without need flask or bottle.
[100%]Add in props protection the bigcrate crafted and the small crate entity. Reported by Spooky
[100%]Need Equip in Slot the jerrycan to be used.
[100%]Need Equip in Slot the extinguisher to be used.
[100%]Fix blackhole of ressource in barricade system
[100%]Improvement of barricade system. Better controle on the construction.
[100%]Construction part 1: Possibility to save angles of barricades
[100%]Construction part 2: Possibility to attribute the angles saved on other barricades
[100%]Npcs Merchand: Position and angles can be save and load in 6 slot per map.
[100%]Npcs Merchand can be permanent.
[100%]Add Clean button in maintenance menu to remove npcs trader.
[100%]Fix the home screen in the team selection, players can now open panel chat to organize.
[100%]Translated new words & phrases in 21 languages.
[100%]optimize the script when taking a backpack directly from a furniture.
[100%]Improved ban report system.

Can wait:
[000%]Optimizing Zombie Script
[000%]New transport system visible object on the player.
[000%]The owner can become infected. And transform the players he wants to be infected to animate own server.
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Progress Update 16.2a
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