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 Cheater on the Zworld Afterlife server

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PostSubject: Cheater on the Zworld Afterlife server   Fri 26 Dec - 15:45

Hey everyone!

Today I played Znation Afterlife, I noticed a player and I think he is hacking.

First of all what I noticed was his survival time of 65 days with only 4 hours of total playtime on the server.

Second was his aim is incredible good, Like 1 shot 1 kill all the time in just a second. He keeps killing everyone within 1 second, No misses, No time to aim. I suspect aimbot.

Third, He is using superspeed/teleportation aswell

I have made a screen of his playtime.

His name is Greengray he is number 1 on the rank list. I can't find his steam:ID :( I only got this:


Here you can see how he keeps killing everyone
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PostSubject: hacker   Fri 26 Dec - 16:30

Well, i can confirm what he said....
I was on the server and everybody attacked this is guy. Everybody said that he was realy fast and things like that.
But his survival time is realy strange: he survived 65 day but his total session was just 5 hour?
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PostSubject: Re: Cheater on the Zworld Afterlife server   Fri 26 Dec - 20:55


Thank for your report.

It does not bother.
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PostSubject: Re: Cheater on the Zworld Afterlife server   Mon 29 Dec - 22:23

And i confirm too ;). It's not the first time, another players say that to me too.

Je comptais te l'envoyer à mon retour de vacances, j'ai une petite liste avec des détails plus précis tel que les heures de connexions et steam id.
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Cheater on the Zworld Afterlife server
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