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 Change Note Version 13.0a 12/09/2014

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PostSubject: Change Note Version 13.0a 12/09/2014    Fri 12 Sep - 2:56

[100%/------[Database Optimisation1/2(Divide by 3 the number of requests to get the same result.)]
[100%/------[Database Optimisation2/2(Avoids clutter by dividing the number of spot by database servers.)]
[100%/------[Chat Improvement: Copy / Past / Open Link / Auto-Translate]
[100%/------[Bulgarian language]
[100%/------[Latvia language]
[100%/------[Improve Panel F2 to manage the Game type]
[100%/------[Slot System to save and load construction]
[100%/------[Owner: Private slot System to save and load construction]
[100%/------[Version Full translated]
[100%/------[New system of Customize servers]
[100%/------[Anti abuse, "youarestuck" Debug button]
[100%/------[Fix value of cooked food] More: http://www.zworld-afterlife.com/?pid=32

[100%/------[Derive of Zworld Called: Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict Survivor]
Quote :

Same principle of Counter Strike in Zworld Universe

[100%/------[TOP 10 players who won the most matches]
[100%/------[System Match and Round. 1 Match = 10 Round]
[100%/------[Full translate 20 Languages]
[100%/------[Creat Base Entity]
[100%/------[Creat function of Evolve of Base]
[100%/------[Place Base on 24 maps]
[100%/------[Place Multi spawn A and B on 24 maps]
[100%/------[Finalise interface]
[100%/------[Record Sound Effect]
[100%/------[Panel Button to activate the derive]
[100%/------[Function to activate the derive]
[100%/------[Script of round system ]
[100%/------[System of Point]
[100%/------[TeamSpectacte Mod when you die]
[100%/------[Script of Team A and B]
[100%/------[New Double Scoreboard when this mod is enabled]
[100%/------[Shop system]
[100%/------[TeamColor name function when you aim guy]
[100%/------[NPC Gun Shop]
[100%/------[NPC Medic]
[100%/------[NPC Ammo Shop]
[100%/------[NPC Base Improvement]
[100%/------[Sell and buy function]
[100%/------[Cash system for shop like CS]
[100%/------[Color Team system]
[100%/------[Money model and entity]
[100%/------[Money dropable from the inventory]

This is Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict Survivor

[000%/------[Anti-conflict System with multi-derive of Zworld on the servers]
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Change Note Version 13.0a 12/09/2014
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